Sustainable Development Support


Sustainable Development Master Planning

SSDI has applied its leading edge sustainable development master planning process to provide successful master plans for projects throughout the Southern Atlantic, Eastern Caribbean, Central and South America. These plans have guided the practical application of the concept of sustainable development, successfully delivering solutions that balance environmental protection / enhancement, support of social/community/personal well-being, and economic advancement. 

Rapid Site Assessment

Central to the Sustainable Development Master Planning process is a Rapid Site Assessment process that enlists the input of local technical experts in an accelerated process of evaluating and documenting the existing environmental/ecological, social/community, and economic development systems and enhancement opportunities of a proposed project and site. This baseline information is then used to help shape truly sustainable project plans and designs from the beginning of the development process. 

Sustainable Infrastructure Design and Installation

SSDI goes beyond its expertise and services  in sustainable energy to provide the design and installation of sustainable water, waste, and other infrastructure systems, providing a holistic approach to the project and building design process and final solutions. 

"Green" Building Design

SSDI integrates its unique range of capabilities in sustainable infrastructure systems design, site assessment, and building design to provide "green" building designs that meet or exceed LEED, Living Building, and other sustainable building design standards.